Oversized Zip Front Hoodie -Under The Neon Sun

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By Camilla

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The Under The Neon Sun Oversized Zip Front Hoodie explores a mosaic of tiger stripes dipped in electric emeralds as they blend upon wild giraffe majesty in moments of celestial blue and ruby red. Crafted for moments dedicated to you, this statement hoodie sports effortless drawstring fastening that falls into golden hardware tassels, a modern oversized silhouette, front pocket functionality that meets zip fastening and elasticated trims.


- Under The Neon Sun Oversized Zip Front Hoodie
- Our Natural Lore Part II
- Inspired by the giraffe's ability to tap into higher perspectives
- Handcrafted
- Designed in Australia
- CAMILLA Ready-to-wear
- Zip front
- Front pockets
- Piping
- Elastic cuffs and waist band