Many of us have been there, taken a much-needed rest day from the gym only to realise a week or two has gone by (or even a few more). Getting back into the gym after a long break can be daunting, both physically and mentally. It is important to remember that your health is YOUR health, you are not in competition with anyone. So, take it easy, be safe and follow along on how to smoothly transition back into the routine.

Warm Up

When returning to the gym or to exercise, many people make the mistake of jumping right back from where they left off. Take into consideration how long it has been and where you are at right now to avoid injury and self-disappointment. Even starting with 10 minutes a day of physical movement is a great start. Re-gain your mojo incrementally.

Set Goals

Knowing why you are going back, what you want to achieve and how you are going to change will make stepping onto the gym floor so much easier. Having undefined goals and no clear direction can lead to confusion and feeling stuck in a rut. Sit down with yourself, be honest about what you want and what you are willing to give, perhaps write it down to keep yourself accountable.

Join Forces

Finding an exercise buddy or a group fitness class as a way to ease you back into the swing of things is always a good idea. Friends give you that extra hand and push that you need, and group fitness can be a fun, supportive community that makes you feel like you are not alone on the journey. Having fun can set your state of mind for how you are going to perceive this fitness journey of yours. Feel The Part Buying a new activewear set can change the game. You feel amazing, you have an endorphin rush throughout your body that makes you feel unstoppable. Sometimes this is what you need, something new to re-initialise your journey - so feel the part, feel fresh!


Author: Emily Briggs


May 06, 2022 — Angelique Sarris